Starbucks – Best coffee seller in the world

Yes!! Once again it is proved that the quality always beats the cost.

Starbucks has so many wow factors in it’s way from making to marketing.

– Every cup of coffee is perfectly hand crafted for you.

– Your name is hand written on the cup to make you feel its truly yours !

– Starbucks believe’s in the fact that happy employees are always the loyal employees. Employees of Starbucks never feels that they are employees of Starbucks but they they feel that are Starbucks.

Employees were given the stake options.

They can study for free online for free from Arizona State University.

For the first time the part time job concept was introduced.

— Up on all the main factor that led to the super success of Starbucks is its Customer service.

Always welcome with a broad smile, Serve with obsession, Maintain best in class quality.

And the result -> world’s best coffee seller, rated as best in the world in every survey conducted in terms of customer satisfaction and the quality.


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