Marriott Hotels & Resorts – Experience the details

People stay at many hotels. But only few make a connection.

Marriott does it in a class.

In Hotel business there is no complexity at all. The only way to WoW a customer is to give a feel like no where else. This can be done only through quality and customer obsession.

The Marriott group just does that. Every detail is taken care that it becomes absolutely flawless.

The moment one enters the Hotel, one can feel the richness. After all the Marriott’s mission is to make one seize the day.

J. Willard Marriott was from a poor family whose father was a shepherd. He somehow managed to go to collage, started off with food business. He started off with soda drinks. His business ran good in summer but began to fade out in winters.

At this time his wife came up with the idea of starting Mexican food(which she could cook) along with soda drinks. The business took off. People started to come over there and finally today he has built multi-billion dollars worth hotels and resorts.

All the couple did was invested themselves in and just believed in themselves 🙂


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