Cadbury Dairy Milk – Global Story telling can make wonders!


Cadbury Dairy Milk had lots of local market pages, but no essential market strategy; Brilliant local campaigns, but no over all brand story.

Cadbury needed to identify a content message that brings the joy of Cadbury Dairy Milk to life for a global audience; across 20 countries in four continents. Some of them had grown up with Cadbury Dairy Milk, some others of them? Not so much.


They developed a global storytelling platform that tapped into universal human truths about joy. These were then used to inform a 12-month storytelling narrative. It was then time to embark on a round the world trip to visit 20 local Cadbury Dairy Milk teams to let them know the good news!

They held workshops for local teams to create a unified tone of voice, visual language and strategy. This allowed countries to share their content and tell consistent global stories for the first time in the brand’s history. They studied the behaviours, instincts and daily routines of our global audience to find a truly global narrative, that would resonate with chocolate lovers, new and old, all over the world.


–      48,000,000 people were reached p/m in Q3. (An increase of 183% YoY)
–      Each of these people saw an average of 13 pieces of Cadbury Dairy Milk Content
–      Engagement increased by 18% YoY
–      Cadbury Dairy Milk saw an ROI attributed to Facebook which was  200% higher than from any other media channel globally.


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