McDonald’s launch of iced smoothies . . I’m loving it

Mc Donald’s brought in its smoothies into market in with a cool strategy.

  1. Fruit match is created –  A game that connected the Mc Donald’s Tv adds to the mobile phone.
  2. This add ran at the start of the break.
  3. While the other adds are showing, you could choose a fruit in the Mc Donal’s app.
  4. The very last ad in the break revealed the answer
  5. If the fruit was the same as the one selected on your phone, you won a free smoothie.

How did it work?

  1. The app was synced with TV schedule giving the impression that the phone eas connected to the TV in real time. The TV time table was also available in the app.
  2. So rather than turning into TV shows, people turned into these adds.
  3. Results: Sales 18% above estimate

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