Seagram’s Imperial Blue – Men will be Men

Men will be men series best know how to grab eye balls.

Marketing is no longer bragging about the characteristics of the product. It is rather engaging the audience and making em stick to the advertisement.

And the recipe = Reality + Entertainment + Personal connect + Bringing a smile on viewer’s face.

I am sure all the boys and girls over there can co-relate themselves to the advertisement!

The fact is that the add shows what young Indian men do and share with their friends over a drink. This makes the add very relatable.

Having developed a sizeable fan base with the ads and the whisky itself, the company also invested in a ~70-minute film called ‘Men will be men’ in 2011 that was released in PVR theatres across the metros & smaller theatres in other cities & towns.

The ad campaign continues to run mainly on television and new digital media, making men smile self-consciously and women chuckle condescendingly saying, “Men will be men.”



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