Crazy Marketing “Surgical strikes”

Crazy Marketing
“Surgical strikes”, for sure this is the term that has been rocking Indian media for the past few days.

NEW DELHI — India announced on Thursday that it had carried out early morning “surgical strikes” on terrorist camps in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir, a step that risks escalating the conflict between the two nuclear powers.

However, Pakistan denied that a cross-border strike had taken place, saying that Indian troops had fired small arms across the Line of Control, killing two soldiers and injuring nine.

The Modi govt takes the credit for the surgical strikes and of-course there are enough leaders and celebrities questioning if the surgical strikes have actually happened or not.

Well none of us are at the LOC to comment on the authenticity of the strikes. But the question is “does it really matter?”

The Modi govt has rocked when it comes to the marketing of the entire issue.

The result of the way India has announced the promoted the Surgical strikes:

1. Shaming Pakistan: India has shamed Pakistan in the most appropriate way. Pak’s denial is not taken into consideration because of its past record of soft stance on terrorism time and again.
2. Global isolation: Countries like Russia, USA openly backed India after the surgical strikes. Even the all time supporter of Pakistan – China also couldn’t support Pakistan and had to take a neutral stance. This is the beginning of the Global isolation of Pakistan.
3. The right pressure: Pakistan is facing pressure both internally and externally. While the world countries are repeatedly warning Pakistan to tighten the laws with respect to controlling the terrorism, the leaders of Pakistan are busy playing the Blame-game for the Pak’s global isolation.

All 4 Ps of marketing have been perfectly followed in this case.
The Product (Surgical strike) that has been Promoted at right Place (Global Arena)


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