7 Creative Advertisements of recent times

Best Marketing is when it never appears like marketing

In today’s world, marketing is the toughest job because the customers are the smartest and are not ready to invest time in boring and bragging advertisements. 

Only a few companies are following Craig Davis’s saying – “We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in”

The following are the few advertisements that are the perfect examples of creative monuments in the world of marketing:

1) IPL guarantees nail-biting finishes with a simple pic


2) Choose a better option – by Durex


3) FedEx service is so fast, you can use it in any situation 


4) If like poles dont attract, lets attach em – Fevocol


5) Sparkling White Anytime Anywhere – Colgate


6) Its Sugar Free for sure – Chupa Chups


7) If you Drink and Drive, You Die – hyunDIE



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