Feed back!

The most important factor that allow us to know where we stand and give us a chance to keep improving ourselves.

Taking feed back is important to each and every individual not just any organization.

Particularly in business field if one doesn’t take feedback, definitely that is the first step of self destruction mode.

Why feed back is very important is, managers and employees in an organization think and feel that they are providing a great service, but what customers feel may not be the same. Feed back is the only way in which we’ll get to know the reality.

Almost all the companies do it but very few follow the right method and metrics.

I see majority of the companies take feedback by asking this question

Did I help you? 1) yes 2) no

Come on! Customer service associate is present just to help the customer! Whats so dam thing great about it?

Did I help you is a more of a rational kinda question.

A customer calls a customer service executive and ask three queries, associate provides satisfactory answers for two and conversation is done.

The answer for “Did I help you?” is “Yes” as the associate has answered satisfactorily for two questions and a vague answer given for the third. But the customer is not satisfied or happy.

In this case the feedback that the company receives make it feel that the customer is happy but in reality he is not.

Now the second way of taking feedback

Are you satisfied with our service? 1)yes 2) no

Well this makes some sense. A customer received satisfactory answers for 2 questions and not so satisfactory answer for the third one he clicks “no”. This means the help is not up to the mark. There is a room for improvement.

But there is a problem with this too. In majority if the cases this question covers only to rational part but not the emotional part.

If we provide service in a good way as the customer has expected, he is satisfied. But if we provide the same service in a great way he is more than satisfied.

Now the third and right way to take feedback:

Are you happy with our service?

Aah! now this taps both the rational and emotional part. A customer would be happy only if he has receives better than what he expects.

A customer goes to a coffee shop orders a cup of coffee. He received a great cup of coffee that tasted great. But he was not really happy with the person who served coffee to him.

In this case all went right and the guy served it all good not a big complaint. But the customer didn’t feel that the service great as it was okay.

In such cases if “Are you satisfied?” is asked, the answer would be a “yes” because rationally speaking all went well. But at same time If “Are you happy? is asked the answer would be “no”.

The most important part is emotion. The emotion is key behind the bond with the customer.

A feed back form must always have that emotional factor included. Always remember only a happy customer would come back to you and refer you to many others.

So if a business wants to get into corrective more and make it right for its customers it must know what is happening not just at rational level but at emotional level too.

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