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7 Creative Advertisements of recent times

Best Marketing is when it never appears like marketing

In today’s world, marketing is the toughest job because the customers are the smartest and are not ready to invest time in boring and bragging advertisements. 

Only a few companies are following Craig Davis’s saying – “We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in”

The following are the few advertisements that are the perfect examples of creative monuments in the world of marketing:

1) IPL guarantees nail-biting finishes with a simple pic


2) Choose a better option – by Durex


3) FedEx service is so fast, you can use it in any situation 


4) If like poles dont attract, lets attach em – Fevocol


5) Sparkling White Anytime Anywhere – Colgate


6) Its Sugar Free for sure – Chupa Chups


7) If you Drink and Drive, You Die – hyunDIE



How to Become a Full Stack Digital Marketer

Digital marketing as a concept is an ocean and it is impossible to master all the concepts of digital marketing. However if one plans to become a Full stack Digital marketer one has to understand the major concepts of digital marketing and try to gain knowledge in major areas.


Any Business has the types of media to concentrate on:

  • Owned Media
  • Paid Media
  • Earned Media

A full Stack Digital Marketer must be in a position to effectively handle all the three types on Media mentioned above.

Let us see how we can deal with it.

  • Owned Media:

Owned media for any company is the way it reaches out to audience using its own property or space. The owned media consists of website, FB page/Group, Google+ pages, Youtube channels etc

A Digital marketer must know to effectively manage the content of the website and related pages and groups in social media. Perspective customers must be engaged in conversations. The content must be educative and entertaining.

The above process in technical terms:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM) etc
  4. Programming for website development
  5. UI/UX designing knowledge


  • Paid Media:

Paid Media is where company markets its products or services by paying money. Traffic can be driven to a website or brand can be taken into the audience by effectively advertising online.

A Digital Marketer must effectively plan and execute the campaigns in different platforms like Google Adwords etc. Maximum results must be achieved by spending the least amount

The above process in technical terms:

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Paid online press releases
  3. Paid FB advertising etc


  • Earned Media:

Earned Media is when different channels advertise a company’s product or service because of its reputation, uniqueness or for other personal benefits.

A Digital Marketer must let the bloggers and other media know about the uniqueness and importance of the products and services so that they can promote.

Along with managing Owned, Paid and Earned Media, Digital marketer must measure the results time to time and make sure that the optimization is done on timely basis.

There are many Analytics tools and some of them are below:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Yahoo Web Analytics
  3. Piwik
  4. Adobe Site Catalyst
  5. Core Metrics

Seagram’s Imperial Blue – Men will be Men

Men will be men series best know how to grab eye balls.

Marketing is no longer bragging about the characteristics of the product. It is rather engaging the audience and making em stick to the advertisement.

And the recipe = Reality + Entertainment + Personal connect + Bringing a smile on viewer’s face.

I am sure all the boys and girls over there can co-relate themselves to the advertisement!

The fact is that the add shows what young Indian men do and share with their friends over a drink. This makes the add very relatable.

Having developed a sizeable fan base with the ads and the whisky itself, the company also invested in a ~70-minute film called ‘Men will be men’ in 2011 that was released in PVR theatres across the metros & smaller theatres in other cities & towns.

The ad campaign continues to run mainly on television and new digital media, making men smile self-consciously and women chuckle condescendingly saying, “Men will be men.”


Hhhheinzz – We all loved this add

Marketing is not just throwing the qualities of the product in a random direction. The people must get connected to it.

Heinz surely know how to get connected to Indians. I always cherished to imitate and say Hh . .Hh . .Heeeinz to the shop keepers and friends and this one connection is enough to pick the Heinz at the super store.

The following is the advertisement – simple funny yet so damn effective


Some facts about Heinz:

$29.1 bn in net sales

#3 food & beverage
company in North

America and #5
in the world

45 countries with dedicated
Kraft Heinz Company

$1 billion+

2 bn+ meals to hungry
children through
philanthropic focus


KFC! King of Indian social media

Marketing techniques are rapidly changing in today’s world. Both Off-line and On-line marketing techniques have become equally important.

Let’s see how KFC became the number one in Indian social media world.

KFC’s Digital mantras:

1  C0-Creation: KFC advocated generating “User-Generated content”.

  • Apps: Radio KFC : The RJ hunt
  • Design your own bucket

2  FeedBack Fanatics

  • KFC listened to its customers and made sure that every feedback is addressed.

3  Innovative and Interactive champines

  • Curry Cature
  • Augmented Reality wow app


  • Top 5 socially Devoted brands
  • Positive sentiment of Facebook page increased to 93.8%
  • KFC’s engagement rate is thrice the sector average
  • KFC in top 5 fastest growing social media brands in India

McDonald’s launch of iced smoothies . . I’m loving it

Mc Donald’s brought in its smoothies into market in with a cool strategy.

  1. Fruit match is created –  A game that connected the Mc Donald’s Tv adds to the mobile phone.
  2. This add ran at the start of the break.
  3. While the other adds are showing, you could choose a fruit in the Mc Donal’s app.
  4. The very last ad in the break revealed the answer
  5. If the fruit was the same as the one selected on your phone, you won a free smoothie.

How did it work?

  1. The app was synced with TV schedule giving the impression that the phone eas connected to the TV in real time. The TV time table was also available in the app.
  2. So rather than turning into TV shows, people turned into these adds.
  3. Results: Sales 18% above estimate

Cadbury Dairy Milk – Global Story telling can make wonders!


Cadbury Dairy Milk had lots of local market pages, but no essential market strategy; Brilliant local campaigns, but no over all brand story.

Cadbury needed to identify a content message that brings the joy of Cadbury Dairy Milk to life for a global audience; across 20 countries in four continents. Some of them had grown up with Cadbury Dairy Milk, some others of them? Not so much.


They developed a global storytelling platform that tapped into universal human truths about joy. These were then used to inform a 12-month storytelling narrative. It was then time to embark on a round the world trip to visit 20 local Cadbury Dairy Milk teams to let them know the good news!

They held workshops for local teams to create a unified tone of voice, visual language and strategy. This allowed countries to share their content and tell consistent global stories for the first time in the brand’s history. They studied the behaviours, instincts and daily routines of our global audience to find a truly global narrative, that would resonate with chocolate lovers, new and old, all over the world.


–      48,000,000 people were reached p/m in Q3. (An increase of 183% YoY)
–      Each of these people saw an average of 13 pieces of Cadbury Dairy Milk Content
–      Engagement increased by 18% YoY
–      Cadbury Dairy Milk saw an ROI attributed to Facebook which was  200% higher than from any other media channel globally.

Dominos! Well it came out of a serious crisis with a different marketing strategy

Domino’s Pizza: A bad day for it

At some point in time, we’ve all dealt with a customer who was unhappy. It’s natural. They’re promised a certain deliverable, feature, or service, and something breaks down. Some customers call you up, but others will express their disappointment to their colleagues, to their social media followers, and anybody else who will listen.

Sometimes you may fail to meet your customers’ expectations, but that doesn’t mean you can get angry or defensive and keep doing what you’re doing. It means you need to change. There is something that has failed, whether it’s a breakdown in communication or process or a bad product. Either way, you have to figure out what went wrong and fix the problem.

In 2010, the popular pizza chain Domino’s shifted their strategy after experiencing stiff competition and a major PR disaster. Before they made their changes, they committed to one simple strategy.

They listened to the bad feedback from their customers.

Setting the Stage

In 2010, Domino’s experienced a huge PR disaster thanks to a couple of terrible employees. In a highly inappropriate video, these employees contaminated ingredients and then placed these ingredients onto pizzas (which would then be served to customers).

Not only was the video disgusting, but it caused an outrage. This outrage caused the video to go viral. It was then picked up by a number of national news outlets.

It was a nightmare come true for any company.

This wasn’t the only thing playing against them. Their outlook looked quite bleak, even without this PR disaster. Strong competition in the industry, harsh customer criticism over the taste of pizzas, and low customer satisfaction were also playing against the company.

The Solution

Domino’s solution is something that probably would have made most of us shake our heads in a planning meeting. They admitted that their product was awful. It was, at the very least, a surprising strategy.

The company spent millions in creating a new pizza, improving its menu, and advertising this entire process.

The campaign they used was called Pizza Turnaround. They used the campaign to acknowledge the problems they were facing and reinvent their pizza “from the crust up.” This included extensive media coverage, advertising spots in every major market, documentaries, promotions, taste tests, and national research.

If you’re interested, you can find the Pizza Turnaround website here. It includes a lot of what they did to promote their big changes.

The Result

The strategy worked. Within months of releasing the campaign and the new pizza, Domino’s reported a jump of 14.3% in same-store sales, one of the largest increases ever recorded by a major fast-food chain. That happened despite a 3% decrease in the pizza-delivery business.

Dominos was also able to foster an open, continuing dialogue with customers using new digital channels, like social media. The whole approach is still working, with their stock being valued above $90 a share.

Why should you care?

You should care because this can happen to you. Your customers are putting trust in you when they purchase your product. They trust that what they have bought will fulfil their needs and will perform to the expectations you provide them.

When that doesn’t happen, there is only one good approach. Openness, humility, and transparency are the only way to move forward.


Small Business Saturday

Coming to Holiday shopping season,

There is a day for the Big Boyz – Black Friday

For Internet merchants – Cyber Monday

But what about the small Independently owned local businesses?

American Express Open thought so…. and they created a day “Small Business Saturday”

Hope to see such a revolutionary day in India soon.

And every time we think of “Small Business Saturday”, we think of “American express”

How to bring the Kit Kat brand to life in the way that engages the younger audience?

How to create a buzz in the target segment? A Tv add or a bill board??

Nahh! Not always.

An unexpected solution to the problem can do all the magic required. And the Kit Kat team did it just the right way.

A Poster that Turns into a chair B-)

Have a Break…. Have a Kit kat

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